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October 4th : Gambia : Saturday 04.10.2014 is declared as Public Holiday in observance of Muslim Feast( Idel Adhar) Commonly known as Tobaski .
The Port will be closed to all its Operational throughout its activities on that day. The offices will be closed to the general public .
Port will resume Operations on Sunday 05.10.2014 at 08h00 onwards.

October 4th & 5th : Aid el Kebir : Ivory Coast

Sudan : Port Sudan, festive holidays between Sunday, October 5th and Satuday, October 11th

October 5th & 6th : Aid el Kebir in Mauritania & Port Sudan

October 6th : Ghana

Mauritania : Change of the week-end : Saturday an dSunday instead of Friday & Saturday as from October 2014

Liberia : Monrovia new draft as from September 18th

Gabon : Libreville : dredging is expected between October 10th and October 13th

Ebola virus : please find the official notifications in our newsletters section. These notifications are subjected to change without prior notice due to the evolution of the situation. It is therefore recommended to check regularly these informations with our local agencies.

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31-32 quai de Dion-Bouton
92811 Puteaux Cedex
Phone: (33) 1 46 96 42 84
Fax:     (33) 1 46 96 40 96
31-32 quai de Dion-Bouton
92811 Puteaux Cedex
Phone : (33) 1 46 96 42 84
Fax : (33) 1 46 96 40 96
Mail : exaf@bollore.com

EXAF, a leading shipping agency network in Africa and the Indian Ocean located in all the major ports, offers a specialised and dedicated service for all our liner clients. Our in-house agencies put to use the knowledge and experience built up over the years of their individual port backed up by the structure and support of a large group.
This website offers you :

  • Information about each port in “PORT DESCRIPTION” : berth descriptions, port maps, stevedoring equipment, storage capacities and other facilities ;
  • Information about the actual port situation in “PORTS SITUATION” : each agency regularly updates the berthing situation in their port enabling you to have an immediate idea of the congestion and ships in port;
  • "PORT ARRIVAL CHECK-LIST" lists all the documents required prior to a ship call in each port along with ISPS details. Your customer login is required to access this page;
  • "INLAND TRANSPORT" lists the main corridors from the ports to the inland countries;
  • EXAF “NEWSLETTERS” : Monthly economic and political Newsletters and weekly Newsletters r ;
  • CONTACTS" : Do not hesitate to register with us by sending us an email to obtain a Customer Login and password which will also enable you to have the detailed contact information for each port

    This home page also includes a “NEWS” box for recent important events in Africa and the Indian Ocean

    Looking forward to serving you soon !

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